Selenium 3.0 and Beyond

Selenium 3 is officially released late 2016. So what’s new in Selenium 3.0?

No more Selenium Core!
It is totally replaced by WebDriver, and the WebDriver APIs are now the only APIs actively supported by the Selenium project.

Selenium RC APIs have been moved to a “legacy” package

Browser vendors are taking the responsibility to write/maintain their own drivers
all the major browser vendors ship their own implementations (Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla). Because the browser vendors know their browsers better than anyone, their WebDriver implementations can be tightly coupled to the browser, leading to a better testing experience.

GeckoDriver for Firefox Now
Starting from Firefox 48, you must use Mozilla’s geckodriver to use that browser, regardless of which version of selenium you’re using.

WebDriver is making its way to W3C!
Here is the draft:

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