Infrastructure Testing…… Test what and How?

No more physical work is needed to create a machine… on cloud. Infrastructure is done through coding utilizing packer, puppet, chef or ancible. Creating a machine becoming a coding thing, and in the case of auto-scaling, adding a machine becomes automatic with no human intervention at all.

Coding for infrastructure, just like coding for application development, need testing to make sure it has things done correctly:

Is Machine Image created right on AWS/AZURE/other cloud?

  • 3 Ways to create custom images on AWS
  • Code maintenance

Is instance created per AMI looking right?

  • OS
  • Applications installed?
  • Security layers are there?
  • Users? Roles?

Are monitoring working fine?

  • Type of Monitoring
  • How to verify each type?

How to automate the testing of infrastructure created on cloud via coding? What tools out there that can be utilized by us? What’s the challenge? How to integrate the automation of this sort into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?

All these questions will be thought through and answered in this blog while I get my hands dirty experimenting with ideas and put them into use in my practice.