Avoid Headless if You Can

See my previous post to know more about headless browser.
Basically I am not a big fan of headless browser because:

  • Headless browsers aren’t representative of real users:
    Mordern web app are all dynamic and involves a lot of javascript, and headless’s javascript engineer renders our app differently than those in real world browsers, this making test with headless browser imprecise and senseless
  • Hard to debug, since you can not see the process when you test your code
  • Headless is NOT necessarily faster than real browsers.
    And when we run our automation on CI tool at night, saving a few seconds/minutes doesn’t compensate the build-in defects of above 2
  • Slave machine is a better alternative than headless:
    Use a slave machine with real browser to run our cases, if our CI server /Automation jobs are set on linux or ubunto box where real browser is not available.

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