Evolution of Selenium????

How was Selenium started in the very beginning? and why has it grown into the way it is now? Let’s travel back to history and read the creators’s mind a little:

Figure 1: Evolution of Selenium

In 2016, selenium 3 … Read the rest

Infrastructure Testing…… Test what and How?

No more physical work is needed to create a machine… on cloud. Infrastructure is done through coding utilizing packer, puppet, chef or ancible. Creating a machine becoming a coding thing, and in the case of auto-scaling, adding a machine becomes … Read the rest

Tweak Test Script for Parallel Run

When we run test in parallel on Selenium Grid, the test script will talk to the hub regarding what test suites to run and the hub then distribute tests on different nodes to run. The machine that runs our test … Read the rest

Set Up Selenium Grid for Parallel Run

Run your test suite on multiple machines against different browsers in parallel is always a tempting idea and Selenium-Grid makes it feasible. Running your tests in a distributed test execution environment is no more a dream!

Grid Architecture

Selenium Grid … Read the rest

So Many Downloads…

What download is for what? Here it comes:

Package What is it? When to need it When not
Selenium IDE Firefox plugin for playand-record I don’t use it
selenium-server-standalone.jar Acts as a server communicating with automation script and remote browsers
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Switch Windows

User activities on a web application may trigger one or more new popup windows in order to complete the operation, such as user clicks on Login button, and a new small window is popped up for user to input user … Read the rest


What is Alert?
Alert is a dialogue box which displays informational message or warning message, or prompt you to input something, or ask you to confirm something etc etc. Depending upon from where the alert comes from we have:

  • Windows
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Switch Frames

What is a frame

To get a straight-forward feeling of what a frame is:

Figure xx: Frames(Source code vs. Actual Page)

Frame has a lot of built-in defects regarding web design and has deprecated in HTML5.

What is a iframe… Read the rest

Take Smug Shot

When a test case fails, we want to take screenshot to make later debugging easier.

Things to consider when taking screenshot:

  • When shall we take screenshot?
    Whenever a case fails.
    and When will a test case fail?
    whenever an assertion
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